Welcome to Nottingham Guitar Tech

I'm a guitar tech based in Nottingham, with more then ten years of experience repairing and customising guitars. Take a look at the Services section to see what's possible and have a look at the galleries for recent examples of my work.

If you have some repair work you need doing, or would like to talk over some improvements to an instrument - from rewires to setups to pickup changes - get in touch me using the contact form below, or drop me a message on Facebook.



Electric & Acoustic

Looking to take your favourite instrument up a notch in playability and sound? Or perhaps you're moving to a new tuning and want to make sure you're still good and straight? I can help.

From the simple (action and intonation) to the complex (setting a Floyd Rose just right) there's plenty to be done.

For your acoustic, I can cut you a new saddle and nut and let you try the old against the new.


Wiring customisation
New pickups, coil taps, kill switches, you name it. I can design and fit you a whole new loom with any control features you want (so long as they're actually possible).

Hardware upgrades
Fancy a Bigsby on your Les Paul, or a more stable bridge on your Jaguar? No problem.

Future proofing
Plastic socket plate? Let me fit you a metal one for peace of mind.

Diagnostics & advice
I gig regularly, and I work for people who do. If you know what you want, but you don't know how to make it happen, drop me a line.

The possibilities are almost infinite... if you can think of it, and I can find a way to do it, let's.


Basic wiring repairs
Loss of signal, crackly parts, quality upgrades.

Sometimes, when more than one part is broken, it's more economical to start new rather than fault-find, particularly with cheaper parts.

Broken/worn hardware replaced
From individual saddles and machineheads to entire vibrato (or tremolo if you own a Fender) blocks.

Badly cut/worn nuts replaced.

Fret dresses
Complete or partial.

Fret replacement
Complete or partial, any gauge of fretwire you want.

Active systems
It's most often more economical to replace with new than to repair, but it's always worth having a look in case there's a simple explanation.


I charge £20 an hour, excluding expenses (for example, parts), with a minimum charge of £20 per job.

I'm happy to provide a free, no obligation, quote after we've discussed your specific requirments.

I'm based in Beeston, Nottingham but am happy to travel a reasonable distance to you (a minimal charge may apply for travel time and expenses).

Please note that I don't offer a finishing or refinishing service, because I don't have a spray booth at the moment. However, I can point you in the direction of an excellent craftsman who can take care of that for you.


To find out more, or for a quote, just drop me an email, or contact me using the form below, and I will do my best to get in touch with you as soon as possible, or at a time convenient to you.


Nick did a complete set up on my Ibanez RG550. This includes fitting a new 5 way switch with rewiring to coil split the bridge pickup. Other work done included new strings, setting the action and ensuring the Floyd Rose functioned as intended. The guitar was turned around quickly for a gig the following week, and was completed professionally. I couldn't recommend his services more!


Nick is an absolute lifesaver. Managed to fix my gigging resonator (broken jack socket) without even removing the cone. Record timing as well. Would always recommend.


Nick was always highly professional in his guitar servicing work, whether it be a really straightforward job or a full setup he always put his efforts in to making sure I was happy with the outcome. I wish I still lived in the area because I wouldn't use anyone else for my guitar fixes, setups and advice. I highly recommend Nick's services